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International Formal and Informal Teaching.

Welcome at Laws'Links University.

Neither diploma, nor teaching: a new concept.

Laws Links University (LLU) is an innovative concept. Our organization does not offer any diploma and any teaching by itself. On the contrary, it places at the disposal of academic organizations particularly qualified people in each one of their field. Our business model is not to offer existing courses in academic organizations but to develop new concepts.


LLU’s teachers are living and working in different countries. Also LLU proposes its services at the international level. Some teachers are working at the international level. Our teachers endeavour to teach according to the world globalisation.

Teachers and Professionals.

Some LLU’s teachers are full-time teachers. Some are professionals. Some of our teachers are teachers and professionals. Also, if theory is useful, application is never forgotten.

 Formal and Informal.

With participation of other groups, LLU can work outside formal academic centres for informal studies session for non specialist public concerning a particular question. Some of our teachers are more familiarized with this form of transmission of knowledge.


LLU is independent with other organizations, particularly religious organizations.

Personalized program.

LLU is able to offer ready-made solutions or to offer specific courses corresponding to your needs.


Our Teachers.         Our Courses. 

Candidates.         Customers.

Laws Links University: Our passion, to teach.®

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